Quality Products and Services for Your Backyard Farm 

For now, we are starting with our favorite part of the garden: the chicken coop. 

A quality chicken coop will keep your chickens safe and happy, and will serve as the main eye-catching feature of your garden. 

We plan to expand to provide a wide range of products and services to make your backyard farm thrive, and to give you the enriching experience of keeping chickens and growing your own food.

Cultivate a connection even in small spaces

We can help you design a system that works for your space.


This featherweight farm is in a side yard that measures about 25ft x 50ft. The chicken area measures about 12ft x 30ft which is more than enough room to raise these five happy chickens.

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Email: info@featherweightfarms.com

Let us know what you're dreaming of and what your space is like.


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